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Last updated: November 08 2018 20:16:35

What is an Insteon Network?

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Insteon logo What is an Insteon Network?

An Insteon device network is made up of Insteon devices which contain "link information" associated with other Insteon devices. Link information identifies an Insteon device as a unique 3 number ID. Link information contains a link type description. Link type describes if the linked ID is a controller or responder for the device holding the link information. Link information usually contains a group number. Link information contained in dimmable responder devices include on level and ramp rate.

Example: An OutletLinc contains a link ID for a motion sensor (SkyLinc). The link OutletLinc holds will contain the motion sensor's device ID, a group number, an on level and ramp rate. Motion sensors send On/Off commands on group 1 for motion. If the OutlookLinc contains a link with and ID for this motion sensor, and the link group number is 1; when the motion sensor broadcasts a group 1 ON command, the OutletLinc turns on to the on level at ramp rate speed. If the OutletLinc is a switch, then on level and ramp rate are not used. On level and ramp rate are used with dimmers. OutletLinc will turn off when the motion sensor broadcasts an Off command. This is the relationship between Insteon Responder Devices and Insteon Controller Devices. Responder devices listen on the Insteon network, when an Insteon command is seen, if the Responder device contains a link with matching ID, it responds to the command according with link information it stored. This assuming the responder is of type capable of such a command.

Managing a growing Insteon network can become somewhat complex, and difficult to keep track of all the inter-linking. IonW Software provides an organized view and control of the Insteon network.